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Boracay: More than a Tropical Island Paradise

Wake up a morning beside white sand beach and a view of the low tide and sky: as if the sea and blue expanse merge from a view beside a swimming pool on one of the exceptional hotel resorts in this planet. That crack of dawn from the east is about to tell of a relaxing sunbath ahead and the gust signals a day vista of Paraws sailing through distant spaces speeding to the deeper waters. No wonder the beaches of Boracay are world famous and always will be a hotspot for foreign and local tourists when Philippines is talked about. That’s why when Boracay is your top list in a travel itinerary, you need some birds eye view to enjoy some of the cheap Boracay accommodations.

Sunset in Boracay

Beautiful sunset in Boracay—Photo courtesy of dEyv on Flickr

Getting to Boracay via air can be easy with daily flights from Manila to Caticlan, where the nearest airstrip is situated. From Caticlan, a short boat ride will take you to Boracay. Philippine Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific, and Zest Airways hold daily trips to Kalibo, Aklan. Kalibo is two-hour long bus ride to Caticlan. Prices may vary per season and can be available for reservation or inquiry on the Internet. If air travel is inconvenient, a ferry ride from Manila to Caticlan is available twice a week, which takes fifteen hours to get you to the ten square miles island located just in the middle of the famous tropical Philippine archipelago.

There is more to the powdery white sand beaches, as it is now an international tourist destination with dive sites numbering to twenty, bars and restaurants operating round the clock, tattoo parlours for the aficionado, banks to cater financial needs, a fire department and police station for unexpected events. A tourist center also serves as a souvenir shop and airline reservation so that things can be convenient for an active tripper like you. You can enjoy roaming around the island feeling the air brushing your face on a motorbike, just check around and ask the kind locals who are willing to help you find some cheap motorbikes for rent with a smile. Aside from snorkelling, scuba diving, and seeing the lovely sun as being seen too by similar tourists like you, sailing is also exceptional in Boracay. The Paraw is a slender hulled sea vessel that is fast with the wind. A lot of Paraws can be hired for trips round the island that also varies in sizes, and be prepared to get wet with this adventure that has now been famous of the Paraw race staged yearly. If you want to stretch and hit some golf balls, an 18 hole, par 72 golf course at Filinvest’s Fairways and Blue Waters is waiting. It’s a first class club and hotel located a short distance from the beach with a splendid lawn intended for picnic. A nature trip to the Bat Cave in the northern coast of Yapak can be thrilling. At the southern part of Bulabug Beach, a sunken forest awaits for snorkel and diving enthusiasts.

The nightlife in Boracay is among the attractions that continue to draw the growth of visitors yearly. Clubs and bars span the stretch of sand, disco beat that tells you to party more and dance with disco lights rotating to a crowd of party people. The Disk Jockey continues to spin some beat that you’d realize its another day. From Friday’s at the northern portion to Lorenzo South at the southern tip, Lent and Christmas season is transformed to a huge fiesta as visitors flock to experience the nightlife. To name some already famous hang outs: Friday’s, an accommodation in station 1 and a AAA accredited with forty native cottage-style rooms resort. It has a swimming pool and beachfront bar with a 120-seat capacity restaurant. The undisputable Cocomangas fronts the well known white beach, it also made its way to one of the top ten beaches in the world. Hay Jude, a resort that will surely bring Boracay to you.

Boracay’s local cuisine is mostly about seafood. Kinilaw is a fave in Boracay, a seafood salad of fish or shellfish marinated in a strong flavored vinegar with spices. Seafood is undoubtedly the best as it is delivered fresh from the sea. Boracay’s Chinese-inspired dishes like pancit and molo soup is one you should not miss. The Lumpiang Ubod is also authentic with the flavors of the region. Considered as a star of Boracay’s cuisine, Lumpiang Ubod is a fusion of heart of palm, shrimps, pork, and special sauce wrapped in a unique crepe. If you want to really satisfy your palate and enjoy your cheap Boracay accommodation, a four mile beachfront restaurant serving a variety of local and foreign dishes that also suits your budget is easiest to find in the island.

For your financial information: the currency in the Philippines is the Philippine Peso (PHP). In Boracay there are large number of ATM’s of the following banks: Allied Bank, Metrobank, and Bank of the Philippine Islands. It is easily possible to get money with common credit cards in these all banks. VISA Card, MasterCard, American Express, Cirrus and Maestro are partly accepted. ATM’s are mostly found along the main road or some are at the beachfront, you can withdraw a maximum of Php 10,000 per transaction. Currency exchange offices in Boracay are plenty, so you don’t need to worry exchanging your money to Peso.

More than a tropical island paradise of wonder, Boracay Island turns out to be worth for your escapade budget with all the fused leisure activities that can be luxurious too, and of course you deserve it best.

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