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Beginner’s Guide to Reaching Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental

Nowadays, people are in search of new adventures. Going on adventures can be a form of entertainment. On the other hand, there are people who would simply consider going on adventures as an effective relaxation activity. One popular adventure trip being preferred by many is climbing known mountains. Indeed, there are various mountains that are viewed as great climbing sites for tourists. However, people need to go not that far as Philippines can offer a wide selection of breath taking mountains that offer excellent sceneries and an experience like no other. When planning to go on mountain climbing in the Philippines, Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental should be on top of your list.

Mt. Hamiguitan

Mt. Hamiguitan forest—Photo courtesy of ideley on Flickr

Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental is a known mountain range that boasts a total height of 5,345 feet above sea level. Nonetheless, aside from its structure, people will be left at awe with the existing “pygmy forest” that is to be seen in the region of Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental. With these features, Mt. Hamiguitan is being ranked together with other UNESCO heritage sites found in the Philippines such as Tubbataha Reef Marine Park and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park in Palawan.

For those interested, Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental can be climbed by checking out various adventure packages made available to both local and foreign tourists. Though it may seem easy to do, there are different preparations to make in order to make your Mt. Hamiguitan climb memorable and successful. By being equally prepared, people can avoid certain obstacles.

Mt. Hamiguitan bonsai forest

Mt. Hamiguitan bonsai forest—Photo courtesy of Voltrak 59 on Flickr

Be Physically Fit

A month before your planned climb, it is being advised that people should allocated ample time doing the necessary physical condition. This can be done by doing round of jogging or exercising early in the morning. On the other hand, there are people who would hit the gym in order to be fit. By doing these exercises, people will be conditioning one’s body of the immense effort needed in order to reach Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental. Failure to do this will result to cases of unexpected cramps and muscle pain that may happen either during or after the climb.

Have all the Necessary Gear

Climbing the Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental is not a walk in a park that should be taken lightly. One should bear in mind that you will be travelling through mountain trails. With this, it can be expected that there are rocky as well as steep areas that one should be careful of. In this kind of situation, it would be practical that people should have all the needed climbing gear. The presence of these camping gears will assure the safety and security of the climbers. There are certain climbing packages that would include the use of gears. Availing this complete package will save climbers a lot of money. However, people could also choose to personally purchase their own gears.

It helps to research ahead of time

Reading about Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental from travel guides and magazines can also be a great help. By knowing all about Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental, people will be able to know the things to expect and not to miss during the whole experience. At the same time, people can also gain valuable tips that can aid them make their climbing adventure fun yet safe altogether.

Indeed, climbing Mt. Hamiguitan Davao Oriental can be considered as a once in a lifetime experience. By knowing this, it is important that people should learn to make the most out of it.





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