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Be Captivated With Ati-atihan Costume

As we all know, a lot of us had been eyeing a lot of events all over the world, leaving remarkable moments in our lives. Truly, a lot of events had been wonderful to be celebrated, left and right festivals are always worth the visit. In the Philippines, festivals had been like an icing to the cake, it captivates our hearts with gratefulness that it cultivates the youthfulness in us. The Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan had been one of the festivals worth watching for, a lot of activities can be witness during this festivity and one of the most sought after event is the street dancing with attractive and colorful ati-atihan costume. Remarkably, an event truly admired and celebrated by a lot of Filipinos up to present. Be it known that this event had been incredibly famous worldwide due to its unique way of celebrating and merrymaking.

Ati-atihan Costume

Ati-atihan Costume—Photo courtesy of Bryan Rapadas on Flickr

Ati-atihan festival in Aklan, a celebration for the Santo Niño Feast is held every January usually second Sunday after the Epiphany. This festivity has a lot of activities to offer, including street dancing, parades and processions for the honor of Santo Niño, this has been the favorite of the Filipinos and it is another way of devotion. This devotion has been undeniably intense since the very first image was first displayed to the Queen of Cebu, Juana during the year 1521. During the intense celebration, bass drums pounding and the metal with rhythmic tinkling can be heard resonated in the air. With the line up of activities, the truly highlighted activity is being held on the last day, it is when groups with different representation of tribes were being gathered for the street dancing. Their ati-atihan costume is really captivating and mesmerizing, it includes a headdress which is usually made with feathers, plant leaves, abaca fibers, cogon, shells, beads, sugar cane flowers, trinkets and a variety of glass, plastics and metals pieces, totally made and prepared for the event to be extra joyous. The participants and even the celebrants painted their faces with black charcoal and wearing bizarre type of costumes in connection with the theme of the event, as they dance with the rhythmic beat of the drums and other instruments.

This thanksgiving event has been their way of giving honor to Santo Niño and also a celebration of friendship for the Malays and Native Aetas, considering as the Mardi Gras event of the Philippines, and also during the parades, a lot of Santo Niño statues had been carried and hoisted all over the crowd participating the parade, and some statues had been seen being displayed at the floats. Ati-atihan costume has contributed an impact to the festive for when you saw the costume being used by the participants or even when simply being carried or displayed, you can already feel the ambiance of the celebration, you can already feel the Ati-atihan fever striking every native or visitors to join the festivity.

During this event, a lot would be grate enough to go home with a smile on their faces and an endless energy being absorbed during the event. Ati-atihan festival has been really one of a kind for its one way of tickling the joyous feeling we have inside. Indeed, even the ati-atihan costume can really describes the overall effect of the festivity to a lot of individuals.

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