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5 Souvenirs You Can Purchase at Baguio City Mines View

Visiting Baguio would usually involve tourists visiting various destinations. One of the said popular Baguio tourist destinations is Mines View. Baguio City Mines View is a place known for its overlooking views that enable tourists to have a good sight of the mountains and other land formations. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things people can do when visiting Baguio City Mines View aside from appreciating the sights.

Baguio Mines View

Baguio Mines View—Photo courtesy of John Pilot on Flickr

Basically, Baguio City Mines View is the best place where tourists can find authentic and affordable souvenirs. You will surely have a great time as you go from one unique place to another while trying different souvenir items. To make your souvenir adventure more fun and exciting, here are some tips regarding the best items you can purchase at Baguio City Mines View.

All kinds of Crochet Items You Can Imagine
Baguio City is popular because of its cold weather. With this, it would only be proper to buy a souvenir that is connected with the said feature of Baguio. When going to Baguio, you can see various crochet items being sold in stores and even side walk stalls. These crochet items ranges from sweaters, mittens, bonnets, caps, scarves and a lot more. You can either wear these crochet items while in Baguio or have it as a souvenir item.

Food Trip Galore

Upon arriving at Baguio City Mines View, people are usually attracted by the delicious smell and sights of various food options. One can have a great time eating big and hot sweet corns. On the other hand, one could also try savoring grilled squids that are being sold in small stalls seen in the corner. If you are more of a sweet tooth, then the strawberry “taho” is a must try. All these delicacies come with affordable prices that people can enjoy even one a tight budget.

Baguio Mines View Souvenirs

Baguio Mines View Souvenirs—Photo courtesy of Daniel Go on Flickr

Wooden Sculpture

When searching for a souvenir item that can be used inside your home, people could try looking at different wooden sculpture and figures being made in Baguio. Because of its rich natural resources, Baguio is blessed with towering trees that are being used to make the said wooden sculptures.

Potted Plants And Flowers
Baguio is indeed blessed with vast resources of flora. And this fact is more evident when you reach Baguio City Mines View. As you go around the Baguio City Mines View, you can see various potted blooming flowers and plants. You will be amazed on how these said plants bloom beautifully in the cold weather of Baguio. These potted plants and flowers can be a great souvenir item that you can give to your parents of any loved ones.

Sweet Treats In Bottles

Finding the right souvenirs your children can be quite difficult. This is true as they don’t have a certain interest when it comes to the usual Baguio souvenirs like crochet items and wooden products. However, there are various stores seen in Baguio City Mines View wherein people can purchase the popular sweet treats. People can either purchase sweet treats such as coated pinipig, peanut brittle, strawberry jams and even fried garlic bits.

Baguio City Mines View should be on your top list of places you need to see and visit when in Baguio City. You can visit during late afternoon and stay until evening. The sight is simply stunning especially as you see the Baguio lights against the dark environment during night time. However, when planning to stay until night, it would be practical to bring along thick jackets as the temperature can become quite cold. Or better yet, bring someone with you whom you could cuddle up with when the cold temperature becomes to unbearable.

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