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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Taste of Davao Durian

Have you tried experiencing both heaven and hell in one bite? Well, this is how people put it when they have a taste of the infamous Davao Durian. When eating Davao Durian, people can taste heaven with its silky texture and milky flavor that can be such a treat to one’s taste buds. However, the hell part comes when people get the sniff of this fruit as it can have an unusual and even offending odor for some individual. With this, eating Davao Durian can an exciting eating adventure like no other.

Durian in Davao

Durian fruit

Because of its popularity, different individuals have come up with various ways in which people can fully enjoy this delicious Davao Durian.

Durian Candy for Your Sweet Tooth

Durian candies can be considered as one of the best souvenirs you can get when visiting Davao. Durian candies can be best enjoyed by both children and adults. When eating durian candies, the awful taste is decreased if not removed at all. However, the same unique taste of Davao Durian is remained. People can easily enjoy Durian candies when traveling or when in the plane going back. Indeed, there is different Durian candies product people can choose from. However, in order to buy only the best, one could ask some recommendations from the locals.

Beating the Heat with Durian Shake

Going around Davao during the hot weather can be quite tiring. In order to beat the hot weather, people can have a taste of a cold Durian shake. People can have a taste of this Durian shake by going to different cafes and snack bars seen throughout Davao. When drinking Durian shake, people can taste a certain sweetness and creamy texture that enhances the original taste of Davao Durian.

Enjoying Your Coffee with a Twist

Davao Durian with Coffee? An unusual combination you might say. However, this can be considered as one of the best and innovative combination ever made with the use of Davao Durian. People may think that mixing coffee with Davao Durian could produce an off and awkward mixture. However, that is not the case at all as coffee mixes well with Durian meat. If you are still doubtful about this claim, one could personally have a taste of it. This said unique coffee concoction can be tasted by visiting the one of the popular coffee shops in Davao City.

Creating a Cake like No Other

People are fond of eating chocolate flavored cakes. But how about Davao Durian flavored cakes? Durian cakes can be a great dessert treat that people can indulge after a meal. The milky taste of Durian is best paired with the sweet and creamy ingredients being used when making cake. This said durian cake is best eaten cold. People can have no problem finding durian cakes as almost all bakeshops have their own version of this delicious dessert.

Nothing Beats Eating It Fresh

Amidst the different Davao Durian treats that have been created today, some people still prefers to eat it as it is. People can enjoy Davao Durian fruit by going to various fruit stands located outside Magsaysay Park as well as other places. Though the unusual smell may be stronger, however, one can enjoy rich and milky taste of fresh Davao Durian meat. After enjoying all the treats and desserts made with Durian, never fail to try eating the Fresh Davao Durian as well.

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