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5 Davao Tourist Spots You Can Visit Without Spending Too Much

Whether you believe it or not but being able to see different Davao tourist spots can be done by just spending PHP 100. Going to different Davao tourist spots can be more fun especially when one is on a tight budget. This can be a challenge that you and your friends can try doing when visiting Davao City. Who said that tourist could not enjoy seeing the beauty of Davao with just PHP 100 inside one’s pocket?

Peoples Park Davao

People's Park Davao

The People’s Park
Considered to be one of the newest Davao tourist spots, Davao’s People Park is the best place where people could gather and simply enjoy great views. This said Public Park comes with no entrance fee that can be quite practical for people on a tight budget. There are different things people can enjoy when going to People’s Park. People can be amazed with the various gigantic and artistic sculptures created by a famous artist residing in Davao City. Aside from that, one could have fun playing around the water fountains and light shows being performed during night.

Uyanguren Street
If one is looking for a place where affordable items can be bought, then Uyanguren Street is the right place for you. Uyanguren Street is one of Davao tourist spots that people can visit during morning. People can simply walk within the busy streets of Uyanguren and witness various cultures interacting together. Uyanguren Street is considered as the “Chinatown of Davao City” as different Chinese citizens have established their business on that place. When going to Uyanguren Street, people can have a great time haggling prices of any items that you want.

San Pedro Cathedral
After going around shopping in Uyanguren Street, people could now proceed to San Pedro Cathedral. San Pedro Cathedral is said to be one of the most beautiful religious structure seen in Davao City. This big Cathedral is among the Davao tourist spots need to see because of its grand architectural structure that is simply breathtaking. At the same time, it holds a rich history of both success and tragedy.

Davao City Hall

Davao City Hall during Christmas season—Photo courtesy of y2tskie on Flickr

City Hall Of Davao
Just across the San Pedro Cathedral, people can easily the City Hall of Davao City. Though it may not be the usual Davao tourist spots
you expect but the City Hall is the best place where you can learn more about the history of Davao City. At the same time, you can also have a tour of the various session halls and offices situated within the said establishments.

Davao City Museum
If you want more about Davao history and culture, people can simply visit the Davao City Museum that can be seen at the back portion of City hall. Entrance to the said museum doesn’t need any payment. Upon entering the museum, people can see various artifacts and items that have been a part of the history and culture of Davao City. It can be a great opportunity for tourists to learn while having a great time looking at these historical items. At the same time, there are various souvenir items people can choose from, such as mugs, printed shirts, key chains and the like.

All of these said Davao tourist spots can be accessed with a simple jeepney ride that only cost around PHP 8. On the other hand, some of these places are just a short distance from one another. Being able to enjoy these different Davao tourist spots will depend on how a person would view the whole experience.

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