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3 Ways on How to Enjoy Tamilok Delicacy in Palawan

Throughout the years, Philippines have been known to be a rich source of delicious delicacies and dishes. With this, Filipinos have developed adventurous taste buds. This paved way to the discovery of various unique dishes that are simply seen here in the Philippines. One of the popular unique delicacies that people can enjoy in the Philippines is the local favorite called tamilok. As what is commonly described by the people who have seen it, tamilok is a grayish, slimy and long worm – looking creature that can be found living in mangrove trees. Because it is found in mangroves, tamilok is abundant in Palawan region. People would commonly flinch at the sight of tamilok delicacy in Palawan because it would appear as a worm. However, Tamilok is not a worm but a mollusk.


Tamilok dish—Photo courtesy of foodtrippings.com

Though it cannot be denied that it can be disgusting to look at but its taste has been hailed as simply exceptional. The locals of Palawan would consider tamilok as a delicious delicacy. With this, tourists who visit Palawan are encouraged to have a taste of tamilok delicacy. Indeed, the experience of being able to have a taste of tamilok delicacy in Palawan is truly one of a kind and memorable.

Enjoying it raw

Basically, there are various ways on how tourist can enjoy a bowl of tamilok delicacy in Palawan. It is said that tamilok is best enjoyed fresh. This would mean that after it has been harvested and cleaned with running water, it can be immediately eaten. Yes, tamilok is best tasted raw. This has been the common practice of the locals of Palawan. After it is harvested in mangrove trees, locals would simply wash and directly eat it. By eating it raw, people are able to enjoy its natural taste as well as the nutrients and proteins that it contains.

Why drinking alcohol in Palawan is never complete without Tamilok

Aside from eating it raw, it can be observed that locals of Palawan love to enjoy tamilok during drinking sessions. It has been a tradition that Filipino drinking sessions are made more fun and complete with the presence of “pulutan”. “Pulutan” is referred as side dishes eaten together with alcohol. To enjoy tamilok delicacy in Palawan during drinking sessions, people could mix in some vinegar as well as spicy chilli and ginger. The natural taste of tamilok is being complimented with the presence of other ingredients mentioned earlier. There are also people who would prefer to come up with their own concoctions when it comes to making their tamilok side dish.

Tamilok with a Gourmet twist

However, for people who would want to try something different, there are restaurants who offer tamilok delicacy in Palawan with a gourmet twist. There are tamilok dishes wherein chunks of mangos and onions together with vinegar are being added. On the other hand, there are also specialty restaurants that incorporate tamilok in their signature salads and other dishes in the menu. This kind of dishes are also being prefer by some as it usually neutralize the slimy as well as unusual texture and taste of tamilok. But then, people can also expect that it can be expensive and costly considering that it is made available only in popular restaurants in Palawan.

Nonetheless, no matter how you prefer to enjoy it, what matter most is the experience of being able to taste authentic tamilok delicacy in Palawan. Indeed, people should never leave the beautiful island of Palawan without having a taste of this infamous tamilok.

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